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WoodShack specialises in Dry Firewood with a low moisture content of 20% or less.

Low Moisture Content

WoodShack specialises in Dry Firewood with a low moisture content of 20% or less. We only use seasoned hardwood logs that are kiln dried to produce a log that burns hotter and for longer.

Our company was set up by myself Mark Woodcock in 2005 and began as a recycling and waste management company. We were established at the Hagg Farm, where my parents are the 5th generation owners. The farm is situated in the beautiful countryside of North Northumberland.  You can still find us there! Coming to work every day is a pleasure with the lovely surroundings of the rolling hills of Northumberland. We did not lose our origins as a company in fact, we still keep at heart the aim to recycle farm plastic.

In 2008, the business was nominated for best developing business in North of England and Scotland, for its ability to process a material once burnt and turning it into a recycled product.

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Out of the 3,500 businesses put up for the award, Woodcock Recycling won 1st prize for its innovations and environmental ethics concerning green issues.

The basis of the company was set up as a major recycler in the local area, moving into industrial recycling.
Where we found a huge issue with kiln dried wood offcuts coming from some of our customers.
These wood products were being dumped in landfill sites, as an individual and a recycler I could not stand seeing this.
We utilised this waste and turned it into a product, On wet days our staff sorted and processed the wood into our high-quality kindling product.
After selling in local outlets we found more and more business asking to stock our kiln dried kindling.
So much so it developed into a bigger operation requiring extra staff. Then WoodShack was born. Realising there was a market for kiln dried products nationally.
We found very few companies offering quality kiln dried products.
The other side to the kindling production was the small offcuts. not useful for anything due to their small size. At this point, we decided to use the offcuts to dry firewood.

WoodShack decided to install its own kiln drying process, Fitting a large biomass boiler to use the offcuts in a more carbon-friendly way rather than using fossil fuels. The heat from the biomass boiler is released and blown through the firewood.
The wood is slowly dried over a 7 day period ensuring every log gets dried thoroughly.
The dry firewood is neatly stacked into crates allowing for ease of transport ensuring we can allow the best value for money.
Using a national courier service we can ensure nobody needs to go without quality kiln dried firewood.
The days of putting wet logs onto your stoves and fires are gone, the sound of wet logs hissing on fire should be a thing of the past now WoodShack is here.
Our kiln dried hardwood gives a long slow burn giving you the maximum heat from every log offering you the customer the best value for money.
We are your one-stop shop for kiln dried hardwood.


Using sustainably harvested timber as fuel makes great sense in these times of ever-rising fuel prices and environmental concern. However, it has traditionally needed a willingness to either take to the woods to wield a chainsaw and a big axe or find a local character with an irregular supplier of timber of even more irregular quality.

Let’s face it, it’s 2019 and most of us have better things to do with our time than deal with the realities of either of these options – which is where we come in! Our dried seasoned hardwood logs are the perfect solution.

WoodShack is the 21st Century firewood solution wrapped up in its very own store and delivered directly to your door. The firewood is all stacked in neatly, is cut to convenient lengths and is ready to burn as soon as it is delivered. Easy peasy!

You can order your Wood Shack direct on the internet right here on our website – it’s simple, secure and let’s face it, you’re here anyway so go take a look at our store. However, you are more than welcome to give us a call if you’d like to discuss your firewood needs, our telephone number and e-mail address are on our Contact page, so it couldn’t be simpler really.

The Wood shack – the total dry firewood solution.

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