Importance of Fireplace in your Household

Published On:
February 18, 2020

Hygge has recently become the talk of the town. Pronounced ‘hooga’, it is the Danish way of living that focuses on home, family and friends, not things. Denmark has been consistently rated as one of the 'Happiest Countries' in the world. They put this down to Hygge in large part. It is an atmosphere and experience. A cosy feeling of home. Creating a sanctuary with simple things that make us feel safe and comfortable. A heartwarming way of creating a space for optimum wellbeing. Hygge is in the heart and in the home.

If you want to recreate a Hygge atmosphere in your home having a fireplace or stove puts you at a great advantage. According to Meik Wiking, CEO of the happiness institute in Copenhagen, a fireplace is the headquarters of Hygge in the home. 30% of Danes have a stove or fireplace compared to only 3.5% in the UK. Why? Because in Denmark they understand that home is where the heart is. Therefore, a wood-burning stove should be at the heart of your hygge home. A fire will make a winter room glow, keeping you snug as it (most likely) rains outside. Evenings in won’t be the same again, as the seasonal scent of burning wood and the radiating heat will make you want to never leave the house again. It is somewhere to be at the end of the day and unwind to the flickering flames.  Somewhere to sit on a cold winters evening and experience ultimate feelings of warmth and cosiness. It is somewhere to sit with our loved ones and connect in a comforting warm glow.

What else is on the essentials list that could make your stove space more Hygellig?  

  1. Candles – Similar to a log burner, lighting a candle is one way to create a warm, glowing hygge atmosphere in your home. Whether you’re reading a book, having dinner with friends or running a relaxing bath, candles, – scented or otherwise – will make any room feel peaceful and serene. Placing candles on your hearth, mantelpiece or side tables enhances the mood lighting of your roaring fire.
  2. Things made out of wood – Displaying your fire-wood in a basket or as a beautiful stack is very hygge. Wooden candlesticks or ornaments, a small fireside table or bowl. Wood is simple and natural just like the concept of hygge.
  3. Nature elements – Any piece of nature to adorn your fireplace or fire room will get the hygge green light. Twigs, foliage, flowers and plants as decoration will enhance the atmosphere.
  4. Books – Taking a break with a good book is the cornerstone to the concept of hygge. Why not place a small bookshelf in your room so that you can relax by the fire and enjoy the peace and quiet. As mentioned below cosy  cushions to rest against (with that favourite book and mug of course) are key!
  5. Blankets and cushions – Comforting fireside fabrics are a must. Bold textures like chunky knit blankets, soft fleece, fluffy pillows and faux fur rugs are staples of the hygge home. Cosy and couture, these household must-haves will instantly add a warm and feel-good feature to your living room or bedroom, plus they’re essential on a cold winter’s evening in. Pair your grey textures with crisp white bed linen or a lighter coloured sofa for a traditionally hygge look.
  6. Togetherness – Stove side is a great place to entertain with pre or post-dinner drinks (candles lit). Plan a family card game or take your glass of wine around the fire and connect.
  7. Lamps – A hygellig addition to your fireplace. Placing a few low lighting table lamps around your wood-burning stove or floor lamps in the corner of the room will add to the atmosphere of warmth and comfort.

Other cosy finishing touches include cut flowers, seasonal additions like pumpkins or holly berries, and coffee table books.
Inspired to hygge up your home? Don’t forget the absolute Danish must-have, a cosy fireplace or warming stove.