The different uses of Kiln Dried Logs

Published On:
March 27, 2020

The different uses of Kiln Dried LogsDid you know that you can use Kiln Dried Logs for pizza ovens? Yes, you heard that right!

Silver birch is the best logs for pizza ovens because they set on fire quickly and give out very little smoke when they burn. Cooking with wood on a wood-fired Pizza Oven is one of the most enjoyable things to do with friends and family. Our hardwood logs are the most calorific available in the market. This makes them the best option for wood burning stoves, open fires and multi-fuel burners. Logs are also the perfect product to use for not only living room closed fires but also outside heaters! It will give heat, light and a superb atmosphere to evening barbecue parties, family gatherings or social events.

BBQs are also a great idea to use our high-quality firewood! There are a lot of different styles and types of barbecue to explore – and that’s part of what makes barbecuing such an exciting method of cooking. By trying regional styles, different kinds of barbecue and even different types of cooking, you can experiment on your barbecue and wow your guests. BBQ lovers, and their personalities, come in all shapes and sizes. For the barbecue purists, grilling is an art, others are more into vibes and ambience and some people are all about simplicity. As BBQ pros, it is our job to give a little insight to every BBQ fan, whatever they are into. If quick and easy is what you’re all about, we have some wisdom to fire your way.
Read more about our briquettes below!

Briquette characteristics

Briquettes usually have a longer burn time than lump wood options, and they mostly burn with cooler heat. This makes them ideal for indirect “low and slow” cooking, or closed appliance barbecues, where the extra time and cooler temperatures come into their own. Briquettes also make temperature control easier. Their consistent shape makes them easy to work with and to build the precise fire that you need.

However, briquettes often take longer to light than lump wood alternatives. Plus, if you’ve chosen one with a starch binder, this can give off a noticeable smell. 100% natural compressed briquettes are a great way to avoid this, but you may find them more difficult to get started.

Briquette shapes

Briquettes come in a range of different shapes, and these have an effect on the burning characteristics of the charcoal. Pillow shaped briquettes are very common. These are great for building zoned fires for indirect cooking. They pile well and create compressed areas of heat within your barbecue.

If you’re looking to fill a larger barbecue, or need serious performance over a long low and slow cook, try our top-quality products. They’re compressed into moulded hexagonal tubes, each with a central hole with aids air flow. This creates a high quality briquette that burns evenly across your barbecue, without creating tricky to manage hot or cold spots.